We build Education Games Hubs in Internally Displaced Population and marginalized community settlements during humanitarian crises.

Professional Consulting

Welcome to E.Her Consulting Division

E.Her Ltd.’s Consulting is dedicated to empowering people, organizations, and communities through specialized consulting in crisis management, mental health, professional development, academic research, and program management.

Our global team, comprising experienced practitioners and PhD holders, is devoted to providing impactful solutions in five key areas:

  1. Organizational and Crisis Management Consulting: Specializing in strategic consulting for crisis management and organizational effectiveness, in humanitarian sectors as well as advisory to local/ international organisations.  


  1. Trauma and Mental Health Services: Offering training in trauma response, psychological first aid, and psychotherapeutic services to equip first responders and individuals for mental well-being.  


  1. Professional Development and Training: Providing comprehensive development programs for educators and humanitarian workers, including training in gender-based violence prevention and risk management. 


  1. Research and Academic Services: Extending expertise in academic research and educational consultancy, including academic article reviews and development of educational materials. 


  1. Humanitarian Data and Predictive Analytics: Leveraging cutting-edge techniques to forecast trends and aid decision-making in humanitarian efforts. Leveraging this data to inform decision-making and improve the inclusivity and effectiveness of interventions in both humanitarian and geopolitical contexts.


  1. Crisis Management with a Neurodiversity Focus: Developing crisis response strategies that acknowledge the unique challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals in humanitarian settings. Implementing inclusive practices in crisis management, ensuring that responses are effective and sensitive to neurodiverse needs.


At E.Her Ltd, we are committed to delivering effective, compassionate services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, guiding them towards positive change and resilience.

Explore our services to find the right solutions for your needs and join us on our journey towards a more informed, resilient, and compassionate world.

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