We build Education Games Hubs in Internally Displaced Population and marginalized community settlements during humanitarian crises.

E.Her Projects

Empower Her Circle:

A transformative club with a global presence, designed to elevate young women through ten foundational pillars. From education to career guidance, each aspect nurtures personal and professional growth. Connect across borders, share experiences, and thrive in a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Wherever there’s an E. Her Education Games Hub in an IDP settlement or marginalized community, there’s an Empower-Her-Circle waiting for young women aged 15-18 years to become connected organically, grow, be nurtured with leadership coaching withy the view to become empowered.

Please contact us at :

Relationship@eher.org.uk to discuss our full range of programmes.

E.Her Club Games Club:

Build, Connect, Learn - Where Education Meets Innovation.

Unlocking Potential, Piece by Piece: Our Core Development Programmes harness the playful power of traditional puzzles, LEGO, KEVA planks, K’NEX, SNAP Kits, and computer-based tools to foster innovative cognitive growth and alternative educational pathways.

At E.HER, we empower the next generation by offering comprehensive educational experiences through games and skill development. Our Core Development Programs, aimed at children and teenagers/ young women, are designed to foster creativity, enhance various skills, and lay the groundwork for a brighter future.

These programs are tailored to not only educate but also to inspire and cultivate a passion for learning among the youth.

Education Games Program Highlights:

  1. Enhanced Learning and Skill Development: This strategy focuses on strengthening essential skills such as language and literacy, mathematics, scientific inquiry, digital literacy, and practical life skills. Programs like the Language and Literacy Lab, Mathletics League, E.HER Science Fair, Basic Computer, and Practical Life Skills Workshop are designed to cultivate knowledge and proficiency in these areas.


  1. Creative and Artistic Growth: Artistic Expressions, E.HER Music Ensemble, Crafts and Sustainability Workshop, Her Code, and Photo-Fantastic cater to developing creativity, artistic talent, and innovation. These programs encourage therapeutic art activities, musical skills, crafting with an environmental focus, coding, and photography, fostering a nurturing environment for artistic growth.


  1. Health and Wellness Emphasis: Emphasizing the importance of physical and mental well-being, programs like Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds incorporate comprehensive personal care education, meditation, and yoga. This strategy aims to create a holistic approach to health, integrating physical fitness and mental wellness.


  1. Environmental Awareness and Sustainability: Programs such as Learn about climate change creatively, Green Inventors Club, Eco-Puzzle Challenge, and Green Thumbs are designed to promote environmental consciousness. They encourage learning about climate change, innovation using recycled materials, and gardening, enhancing cognitive skills with an environmental focus.


  1. Social Skills and Global Consciousness: This strategy includes the Art of Conversation, Global Cultures Club, Personal Etiquette/Mobile Phone Etiquette and Table Setting Class, and Conversations Clubs. These programs aim to improve communication, active listening skills, social etiquette, global awareness, and cultural appreciation, fostering well-rounded social development and global consciousness. Practical Life Skills Workshop: Essential skills training in first aid, electrical safety, and bicycle maintenance. Participants gain independence and practical problem-solving abilities.

Join us at E.HER to explore these diverse programs, each crafted to foster growth, learning, and empowerment in our young community members.

Emergency Healthcare Kits

Reimagined as EHER FlowRescue Hip-bags, these sustainable, stylish pouches are crafted from leftover materials, designed for durability without the need for zips, buckles, buttons, or clips. Ideal for carrying small items like menstrual products and personal care essentials.

In humanitarian crises, it’s essential to include menstrual products, wipes, and soap in response kits to safeguard the well-being and dignity of women, girls, and menstruating individuals.

Conflicts and disasters can disrupt access to these necessities, forcing people to resort to unhygienic alternatives like torn clothing or rags, which can result in infections and emotional distress. This underscores the critical need for hygiene support in such situations. Moreover, we also offer children education on overall personal hygiene.

Donation inquiries:  Hello@eher.org.uk