We build Education Games Hubs in Internally Displaced Population and marginalized community settlements during humanitarian crises.

Facilitated Learning Cognitive Development Sustainability STEM Literacy Education

Unlocking Potential: Advancing SDG 4 with Traditional and Digital Game-Based Learning & Ed-Tech

E. Her (Empower Her) Ltd, a UK-founded not-for-profit, is igniting girl power in our Education Game Hubs that embed Ed-Tech and gamification for girl-centric education in humanitarian and crisis-affected environments. We empower girls and women aged 6-18 years affected by humanitarian crises and climate change through inclusive alternative education, game-based learning, and cognitive development, fostering resilience and transformative change in active learning and skill development.

Our Approach:

We design and deliver fun, playful ‘lived’ alternate educational experiences through diverse and inclusive programs during term time, school holidays, afterschool clubs, and for out-of-school children. Our Education Games Hubs are tailored to provide engaging resources that mix digital and physical educational tools, such as PuzzlesLego,  Keva planks, K’nex, SNAP Kits and Snap Kits. Additionally, our approach includes specific resources for children with neurodiversity, hearing, and sight impairments, ensuring an inclusive educational experience.

Facilitated Learning & Cognitive Development: Our core values emphasize sustainability, STEM literacy, and education. We aim to create learning experiences that are both engaging and enriching, contributing to the cognitive development of our participants.

Empower-Her-Circle: The Empower-Her-Circle, a key component of every E. Her Education Games Hub in IDP settlements or marginalized communities, is a transformative program specifically designed for young women aged 15-18 years. It provides leadership coaching and fosters organic connections within ecosystems across borders, promoting growth and empowerment. Built on ten foundational pillars that address crucial aspects of personal and professional development, this program establishes a comprehensive framework for various activities and initiatives. Meeting monthly on Saturdays, the Monthly Saturday Club offers an enriching and continuous engagement for its members.

Strategic Partnerships:

PEX Intelligence Ltd: As our Strategic Service Delivery Partner, PEX Intelligence Ltd manages Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs and delivery of our initiatives. They also provide EHER franchise and consulting services, enhancing the reach and impact of our programs.

Our Commitment:

We prioritize inclusivity, scalability, and agility in all our projects. Our approach combines innovative and enjoyable cognitive development methods and strategies with meticulous planning, infusing a sense of fun and creativity into our educational offerings.

Join us on our journey to empower, educate, and inspire. Visit www.eher.org.uk to learn more about our programs, partnerships, and how you can be a part of this transformative experience.

Empower Her - E.Her

United Kingdom & Africa, expanding to more locations from Q3 2024

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Our service delivery team comprises a diverse group of professionals, including British Veterans, TRiM Practitioners, Business Resilience, Sustainability, and DE&I Master Practitioners. They bring a wealth of expertise, with academic backgrounds in counselling rooted in Educational Psychology and Education Psychology, Security Management, and experience in Law Enforcement and more.

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Lego Based Therapy

What We Do

Our focus is on facilitating learning and improving cognitive development among young girls. We provide traditional puzzles, Lego , Keva planks, K’nexs and SNAP Kits to boost cognitive abilities and STEM literacy.

Additionally, we're promoting digital literacy by offering free access to personalized and, where possible, localized interactive puzzles, fostering enjoyable and interactive learning experiences.

Who We Help

We aim to enhance cognitive development and STEM literacy in young girls through traditional tools like puzzles, Lego , Keva planks, K’nexs and SNAP Kits to boost cognitive abilities and STEM literacy.

We also promote digital literacy by providing free access to personalized and localized interactive puzzles, creating engaging and interactive learning opportunities.

Who we are

We are a diverse and inclusive team collaborating with a broad network of vetted and dedicated professionals, each bringing unique backgrounds and experiences..

Committed to girls' education, and fostering an inclusive work environment for individuals with disabilities.


The mission is to empower girls by offering free access to tools that enable them to navigate societal norms and boundaries. While traditional reading materials may be limited, alternative tools are used to engage, evolve, and empower girls, recognizing that education strengthens both individuals and their nations.

“Educating and Empowering young girls and women through Diversity & Crises Management for Strength, Prosperity and Resilience is the E.Her Pathway to progress.”

E.Her Chairwoman Motto

Who we Serve

Our focus is to work with young girls aged 6-18 that come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our Focus Countries:

• Q3 2023: Launching in Nigeria

• Q2 2024: Expansion to locations of displacement in Sub-Saharan Africa, with specific locations to be determined.

Our Seven Lens Philosophy

1 Environmental Responsibility:

Our traditional puzzles and jigsaws are made from eco-friendly materials such as wood, recycled plastic and even agricultural waste, including coconut shells.

2 Empathy:

We believe in the potential of every young girl and their communities, leading with empathy in our approach.

3 Accessibility:

Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that all girls, including persons (children) with disabilities, have access to facilitated learning, both through traditional and digital puzzles.

4 Local Efforts:

Local Efforts: We collaborate with local women artisans, creating employment opportunities and supporting local communities in crafting our traditional puzzles to add to our training tools.

5 Community and connectivity:

E.Her strives to become a global community initiative that goes beyond borders, offering a secure environment for young girls to authentically connect, express themselves, and explore alternative learning methods.

6 Empowerment:

With our distinctive educational approach, we equip young girls with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to reach their academic and personal aspirations.

7 Visibility:

E.Her harnesses information, media, and communication technologies to amplify the recognition of women’s challenges and their untapped potential, promoting greater awareness and acknowledgment in society.

What we do

We promote facilitated learning and enhanced cognitive development. We distribute traditional puzzles, Lego , Keva planks, K’nexs and SNAP to enhance cognitive ability and STEM Literacy for young girls. We are promoting Digital Literacy by giving free access to customised and where practical localised interactive puzzles, which brings fun and interactive connectivity.

As E.Her, we are trying to reach out to as many of these girls in an innovative and fun way through the use of puzzle games in order to supplement their learning. Puzzles are games and problems that can put someone’s ingenuity and knowledge to the test. Puzzles are known to support cognitive development and crucial skills, such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience, and a sense of achievement

Besides that, E.Her is keen on sustainably working with local artists and local resources to create the puzzles for the benefit of adolescent girls.


Puzzles are games and problems that can put someone’s ingenuity and knowledge to the test. Puzzles are known to support cognitive development and crucial skills, such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience, and a sense of achievement. E-her uses both digital and traditional puzzles to improve learning and support efforts addressing literacy rates amongst young girls.

Digital puzzles

Digital Puzzles help the young girls with digital literacy skills. Through digital puzzles, young girls will be able to connect peers online and solve a puzzle collectively or even compete against each other. This feature is very crucial for young girls located in particularly isolated communities.

Traditional jigsaw puzzles

Traditional jigsaw puzzles assist with cognitive development, learning and crucial skills such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience and a sense of achievement. These traditional jigsaw puzzles are donated and some are manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials such as wood, agricultural waste (e.g. coconut shells) and recycled plastic.

Who we are

We are a diverse and inclusive team collaborating with a broad network of vetted and dedicated professionals, each bringing unique backgrounds and experiences.

Our common bond is a shared commitment to the importance of investing in girls’ education.

Our Team

Co-Founder / Gen Z Innovator

Haleemah serves as the GenZ innovator, actively researching and formulating innovative concepts for the innovation team she can be contacted at: 


Titi “Iya”:
Co-Founder Chief Human Experience Director/ Chairwoman

Titi takes the lead in developing human experience concepts and driving innovative projects, placing strong emphasis on effective project execution and overall programme success. She is also responsible for promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Additionally, Titi serves as a Sustainability Maturity Index Practitioner and a DEI Master Practitioner, overseeing operational planning and supervising project implementation, audits, and assessments for E.Her programmes in West Africa and is the first point of contact for EHER Games Club franchisees.

She can be contacted at:


Mike: Relationship & Responsibility Director

Mike’s responsibilities encompass building client relationships, procuring donation items, and upholding the corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus. Additionally, he manages B2B service donations. He is eager to connect and build the community and he can be contacted at:


Graeme: Logistics Director

In his capacity as Logistics Director, Graeme is dedicated to fostering client relationships and collaborating closely with the Responsibility Director to uphold our corporate social responsibility (CSR) values. His focus is on optimizing our E.Her logistics operations to be eco-friendly, efficient, and ethically sound. Additionally, Graeme supervises donation deliveries and is passionate about cultivating global community connections. He can be contacted at:


Blessing (Consultant):
West African Project Lead Associate

Blessing Ntamu, PhD, is an experienced Counselling and Educational psychologist with over a decade in higher education teaching and research. Her expertise includes developmental psychology, behaviour modification, effective learning methods, and inclusive education. She focuses on neuroscience-based approaches to learning and psychotherapy. She leads academic planning for E.Her in Nigeria and can be contacted on at:  


West Africa Compliance Legal Advisor

Aminyikowoh Clement Eko, Esq. is a is a dynamic and innovative lawyer and the principal partner of Fourth Circle Attorneys (FCA), a registered law firm in Nigeria. He earned his law degree from the University of Calabar and his LLM from the University of Lagos. He started his legal career at Monima Karibi-Whyte & Co. and gained experience at other firms in Port-Harcourt and Lagos. Mr. Eko has lectured on law and is known for his expertise in human rights, corporate law, land law, immigration law, property law, litigation, and legal consulting. He is a member of several legal associations, including the Nigeria Bar Association, International Bar Association, and Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators.

Ibrahim Kofa (Consultant) :
West African Project Storyteller Narrator Associate

Ibrahim James Kofa, a seasoned television producer, specializes in crafting impactful documentaries and stories that drive change. With over a decade of field experience, he is a master at using visual storytelling and factual literature to highlight societal, environmental, and cultural narratives. He has a keen eye for finding unique angles that resonate with audiences, aiming to amplify voices, evoke emotions and provoke thoughts that drive action and awareness for social change.


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